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Joseph Coleman, Business Director of Speedway Enterprises

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When Joseph Coleman joined Speedway Enterprises, he had experience with retail but was new to working with online shopping platforms.  An opportunity came along to help manage a 10 year old eBay store with a great reputation, nurtured by hobby sellers with a passion for NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) collectibles.  Joseph took over as business director in order to grow the part-time operation into a formal, full-time business while maintaining the foundation of the brand and the commitment to its loyal customer base.

Speedway Enterprises specializes in NASCAR collectibles including die-cast cars, electric slot cars, and shirts and helmets. They carry NFL, MLB and NHL sports cards and memorabilia. Among their best-sellers are iconic 1:24 scale replica die-cast cars produced by Action. Select designs come with autographs from famous drivers. (Apparently autographed collectibles are very popular in the NASCAR market).

Joseph describes his first experience with Terapeak: "When I took over operation of the business, I didn't have the same level of experience with collectibles as the founders of the company, so I set out to gain understanding of the market. I searched online for eBay market data and that's how I discovered Terapeak. I entered at an interesting stage. Speedway Enterprises has already established an audience, a strong reputation, connections to the right suppliers and a sizable inventory. What I brought to the table was an interest in the technical end of things.  My immediate goals were to improve search engine optimization in our listings, diversify our selection, and raise sales volume."

Here is some background on Joseph's market. The fan base for NASCAR is estimated to be 75 million people. shoppers spend approximately $7.9M USD on NASCAR related items each year in a wide variety of product categories including clothing, video games and collectibles. 

Targeting an audience as large as Joseph's still takes work.  He explains how Terapeak has been instrumental in improving traffic conversion in his listings:

Using Terapeak Hot Research, I can see hundreds of NASCAR related search terms in order of popularity on eBay. I can even compare the popularity of each driver. Optimizing 1100 listings is a time consuming process, but the benefit to our search visibility has been huge. I go through the titles one by one, replacing redundant words with high traffic search terms that attract buyers.  We've seen a 50% increase in sales since I started updating our keywords.

Joseph recognizes the need to appeal to a wider range of sports fans.  "I want to balance out the seasonality of our current products. I'm using Competitor Research and some of the niche market strategies I've seen in the Terapeak webinars to find some new categories to sell in. " Joseph continues, "Terapeak is a low risk way of exploring opportunity in parts of the market that I'm less familiar with." 

Looking to the future, Joseph sees the need to connect with and serve customers on more channels: "If you're not on eBay, that's okay–you can browse through featured products and buy directly from our website.  I'm also keeping our Facebook page updated with news about sporting events and new additions to our inventory." Joseph adds, "We love serving the NASCAR fan community. They're the reason why we're in business.  Customer service is very important to us, and little touches like sending a thank you note with each order show how much we appreciate our customers."

Visit and find the Speedway Enterprises store on eBay.

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