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Glen Scott, Founder of Petsporium

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Terapeak is perhaps best known for valuation research, but there are numerous other creative applications for eBay analytics tools. For example, Glen Scott, owner of the eBay store Petsporium, used Terapeak to find a whole new product niche for his business.

Like many other eBay sellers, Glen started selling online to clear out the basement. As he and his spouse consolidated their belongings from two separate houses, a friend suggested selling some of them on eBay. Glen downloaded a book on how to sell, familiarized himself with eBay quickly, and soon found that he enjoyed eBay selling. Once he ran out of items to sell at home, he looked for other sources of inventory, including liquidation stock.

Liquidation stock posed some unique challenges for Glen. First, the inventory wasn't renewable. Glen would have to start the search for more stock each time a batch of product ran out. Second, the items he sourced required careful inspection and sorting. Although some items appeared to be new, much of the stock was in used or damaged condition and Glen did not want to compromise his customer satisfaction standards.

Glen began to consider wholesale suppliers, but he wasn't sure which product category to pursue. Though Glen’s background was in computers and electronics, his spouse—the former CEO of a humane society in Kansas City—suggested pet supplies.

"It was a big decision,” Glen says, “whichever direction we headed in next. We wanted to be sure we chose the right direction, because setting up the relationships with suppliers was going to take time. We needed a way to validate one idea over the other."

Glen learned of Terapeak and started a free trial.

I stumbled upon Terapeak, and the more research I did the more convinced I was that by using this tool, I could create a whole new business. In fact my business would not even exist without the benefit of Terapeak.

Glen focused his early efforts on the category research tools in Terapeak, using them to compare several potential product niches. He analyzed sales activity, reviewed best-selling products, and studied the most popular searches in each section of the market. Then he compared his findings against the wholesale supply options that were available to him. Based on his Terapeak for eBay research, Glen came to the conclusion that pet supplies were the right opportunity.

Entering the pet supply market has proven to be a winning move. Glen's eBay store has grown significantly in just six months, and his use of Terapeak continues to this day—though his needs have expanded beyond identifying product niches. Now he conducts eBay research to maintain growth and to build toward Top Rated Seller status on eBay. "Thanks to Terapeak,” Glen says, “I had a record number of sales last month and am on track for another record this month. Now I’m using Terapeak to find new product ideas to add, as well as to track my competitiveness on the products I already offer."

Glen’s business shows great promise—and we have every confidence he will achieve his goals.

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