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Lawrence Bibi, of Light Accents

Spotlight on Light Accents

One of the goals of the Terapeak Customer Spotlight is to showcase the impressive range of approaches used by online retailers.  Our interview this month adds another important perspective; that of manufacturers who sell direct to consumers. Recently I spoke with Lawrence Bibi of LightAccents, a lighting manufacturer and retailer based in New Jersey.  He uses Terapeak to investigate new trends and popular keywords in Home Decor categories.

LightAccents wasn't always involved in online retail.  Looking to clear out some overstock, they offered a limited inventory of lighting and chandeliers on eBay with discount pricing.  The demand encouraged expansion other home furnishing categories.

According to Lawrence, LightAccents maintains an independent website as well as store profiles on eBay, Amazon, and Sears. I ask whether inventory is a headache with four major sales channels to worry about and he explains that they solved that challenge early on using a Filemaker database.  The listings are managed in one set of records, then pushed out to each platform. 

“Our presence is largest on Amazon, but our eBay store is growing every day. Selling on multiple channels helps us reach different audiences and mitigate risk on any one channel."

Lawrence describes how his company's sourcing needs differ from many other sellers, "Being a manufacturer gives us added flexibility when it comes to introducing new products. Our inventory grows by 20-30 items per week.  If we notice taste is shifting in Home Décor, we can arrange manufacturing for new styles and keep our selection on trend."

While preparing for the interview, I visited the lightaccentsus store on eBay.  I am immediately impressed by the high quality product photography pleasant color palette.  In fact, I was more than a little tempted to shop for myself. 

I ask Lawrence what trends appeal to today’s Home Décor shoppers and he replies, "The French Country aesthetic is very popular. Chalkboards and wall coverings are selling very well for us. We're after a particular look: Items with wood and metal construction and vintage finishes." 

Lawrence joined Terapeak a couple of years back after a friend recommended the service to him.  Research plays an important role in the listing process for new products:

We manufacture our own products and whatever we list on Amazon involves setting up a custom product listing.  As a result, we build a lot more titles from scratch compared to most Amazon sellers. Terapeak solutions like Hot Searches and the Title Builder help us discover great keyword ideas and attract more traffic to our listings.

Lawrence continues, "In August we started using the new Listing Scoring feature from Terapeak. Being able to rank all of our listings and spot opportunities for improvement is really helpful."

Early in our conversation, Lawrence mentioned ongoing efforts to expand into more product categories.  I ask him how that decision making process works.  He explains, "Before we build inventory in a new part of the marketplace, we use category research to gauge demand and pricing.  We also review data at a product level to understand which new condition items appeal to consumers."

As our conversation comes to a close, I ask Lawrence what the immediate future looks like for LightAccents.  "There is a lot of untapped opportunity for us on eBay.  We've been building on that platform slowly, but it's going to catch up to our Amazon store eventually.  We're expecting plenty of growth in the next year."

Visit the LightAccents store on eBay and at

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