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David Rapport, Founder of Ekusparts

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Motors related e-commerce activity is a significant component of the US eBay market. Larger than most other product categories, eBayMotors has a separate domain with a custom shopping experience which uses compatibility data to connect parts with compatible vehicles. As such, eBayMotors sellers and have unique business needs and face slightly different challenges than other online retailers. I spoke with retailer David Rapport, a longtime Terapeak user, regarding the process for growing a successful eBayMotors business.

David founded Ekusparts about a year and a half ago. Ekusparts recovers, recycles and resells automobile parts through its eBay store. The collection of parts not only provides a steady stream of inventory for the online store, but also reduces the volume of waste headed for scrap yards. David describes the process, "When vendors dismantle vehicles we encourage them to put aside parts for us to collect rather than send the whole vehicle to be compacted. We pick up the parts, clean them, organize them and list them online."

Virtually any automobile parts in any condition can find their way into David's inventory, so pricing research is essential. Luckily David already had previous experience using Terapeak for just that purpose: "I originally started working as the IT guy for a family run business which was eventually bought by LKQ Automotive Recycling. I helped establish their e-commerce department and that is how I became familiar with Terapeak."

With 365 days’ worth of completed listing data and sales data for eBayMotors, the market value for even the most obscure parts and accessories can be found quickly and easily. With condition filtering, parts with a damage or wear can be evaluated separately from like new items.

David describes the significant benefit of Terapeak in processing and listing new inventory:

I would have to add another full-time employee to replace the contribution that Terapeak makes to my business. Determining price, availability of product and demand without eBay research would take someone hours each day.

Entering into the second year, Ekusparts continues to grow, encountering new and interesting challenges like how to store an ever expanding inventory while maintaining the condition of each item. David remarks, "You don't want an item that starts off in good condition to collect scratches and dings by the time it sells. We try to keep everything clean and organized but one of our biggest issues so far has been selecting the right solution for managing our inventory system. We're still working on that, but at least we have our business intelligence needs well covered."

Find out more about automotive recyling services from Ekusparts at

Visit the Ekusparts store on eBay.

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