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Danna Crawford was once a single mother who worked three jobs to support her family. Now she’s a full-time eBay seller who coaches new sellers to use eBay to supplement or replace other kinds of income. She’s trained hundreds since becoming an eBay Education Specialist in 2006. Her goal? To give anyone who wants to try eBay a fair chance at becoming a successful seller.

But Danna Crawford wasn’t always the face of eBay education. Before her eBay career, Danna spent long weekends bringing toys to and from the flea market and selling items like Beanie Babies to supplement her income. When a friend told Danna about eBay—an e-commerce marketplace that would allow her to list her items online and work from home—she says she was elated.

I jumped right in, no questions asked. It was in 1997 and I started listing all of the toys I was selling at flea markets on eBay, too. After making my first eBay sale I quit going to flea markets and put everything into my new online business.”

Danna’s choice paid off. Within a year, she’d quit her other two jobs and become a full-time eBay seller. Danna loved being able to balance income and family time according to her own priorities. If her kids needed new boots she would go out “treasure hunting” and find items to sell on eBay. If Christmas was coming she would hustle to find more items to list in her store.

While Danna was exceptionally good at finding profit-making items at vintage stores and warehouses, she also began to use her connections within the community to find people who had items in their homes they wanted to sell—but who didn’t have the time or expertise to list them on eBay. She called this method of sourcing “consignment selling,” and it enabled her to meet wonderful people along the way.

Danna was so successful she was able to add a training service to her business, becoming a well-known eBay selling coach.

Then, a fifteen-year-old girl approached her and asked for help selling an extensive Beanie Baby collection. The young woman wanted to buy a car using the profits from her childhood toys, but didn’t know how to get the best price for her items. Danna agreed to help, and after the two successfully sold the entire collection online, the girl had enough money to buy her first car—and Danna received her first payment as an eBay trainer. She’d added another dimension to her business.

Between consignment selling, traditional sourcing, and training, Danna ran a successful eBay business for years. In the early 2000s, however, the marketplace began to evolve more rapidly as more and more sellers joined the platform. With competition increasing, Danna began to face unsold items for the first time—and she began to worry about the future of her business. Just in the nick of time, Danna found Terapeak.

For years, eBay sellers had essentially guessed at what the right prices for their items might be, relying on trial and error to add keywords to their listings and titles. Once Terapeak arrived, Danna says she was able to thrive once again on eBay—and to source inventory with confidence.

I couldn’t survive without Terapeak. As competition on eBay grew, I could no longer afford to guess what would and wouldn’t sell. I rely on Terapeak to determine what I should source, what I should pay, and how I should list my items.”

Now a leading eBay coach as well as a successful seller, Danna tells her sellers to use Terapeak’s Product Research feature to determine the values of products before sourcing them. Then, when sellers are ready to create listings, she tells them to use Terapeak to determine which keywords to use and what prices to offer.

Today Danna makes it her mission to provide articles and support for countless eBay users on her blog while also offering eBay workshops around the world. In them, she uses her twenty years of eBay experience to coach aspiring sellers through their first few sales.

What kind of advice does Danna have for those struggling to get started? She says that the best advice is to stop worrying and just begin.

I always see people who are hesitant to start selling. They might attend three of my workshops just seeking out information. But the only way to be good at eBay is to do eBay. You can educate yourself to death, but if you don’t list you wont make a sale. Just jump in and get some items up!”

That’s not to say that Danna thinks learning doesn’t matter. Right now, Danna tells sellers to keep an eye on new technologies and services that can help sellers to reduce shipping or handling fees. For example, she’s recently begun to use Roadie, a ride sharing app for cargo shipped in the United States—one that shows how innovation can help sellers if they keep themselves informed.

Despite her success and busy schedule, Danna has retained her commitment to great service. She works to exceed expectations for her customers and clients—and has earned recognition and awards in the process.

Dana now uses Roadie to send heavier items across the country when buyers are looking for a fulfillment discount. Shipping packages that way usually costs less than using USPS, she says, “and reducing shipping costs for my customers is one way I that can make their experience better.”

Staying current in her selling and shipping strategies has paid off for Danna. With a feedback rating of 100 percent and a feedback score of over 14,000, it’s clear that Danna has been tremendously successful—and that her customers are at the center of everything she does.

At the end of the day, however, Danna’s real passion lies in empowering other sellers to change their lives by selling on eBay—and among the hundreds of sellers that have relied on her training, many have achieved financial independence and stability.

Does Danna lose sleep over finding out that former students have become her competitors? She doesn’t. “There’s plenty of eBay,” she says, “for all of us to be blessed and to prosper!”

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