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Imogene Armstrong, also known as elegantbaglady on eBay, is a military veteran and former computer programmer analyst turned online retailer. Her eBay store offers a unique selection of clothing, collectibles, crafts, children’s books, magazines and other items. Imogene was kind enough to share her experiences using eBay and Terapeak with me recently.

Imogene joined eBay in 1999. Ten years later, she began selling full time. Reflecting on the decision to focus on her online store, she says, "My father instilled in me the importance of eventually working for myself, and that's exactly what I'm doing now. I probably work longer hours than I did in my previous line of work, but I love what I do, so I wake up every day excited about what I'm doing."

Even though she was already an experienced eBay seller, discovering an eBay-analytics solution still surprised her. “I heard about Terapeak and gave it a try and I found value in it right away. Since then, I use Terapeak every single day. I take notes on the things I source so I'm well informed when I go to list them."

"I can walk into a thrift shop or an estate sale and I just know what is going to sell on eBay. I have good instincts about that sort of thing, but I also use Terapeak. For instance I will look up which magazine back issues sell well and how much I can expect them to sell for."

Finding items to sell may not be a problem, but with a growing inventory, she is finding there isn’t time to list everything herself. She can already see the need to expand at some point in the future and hire additional help.

Imogene is currently a Top Rated Seller on eBay with 100% positive feedback and thousands of happy customers. She is confident about her approach to selling, and for good reason.

I wish more people understood the value of what they list on eBay. Some sellers set their pricing so low that they miss out on what their items are really worth. Completed listings aren’t enough; I can review 90 days of sold items and know I’m choosing the right price.

Imogene is not only focused on her own success; she organizes an eBay and Amazon seller meet-up group in the Washington DC area and volunteers her time at a local senior center. "Helping others and sharing what I know about selling is important to me. I teach people how to sell on eBay for the first time. I recommend Terapeak to everyone I train."

Knowing she is a very loyal Terapeak user, I jokingly asked what could possibly come between her and Terapeak. Her response?

"I would rather give up television altogether than give up Terapeak--but I don't want to give up Terapeak ever!"

We wish Imogene every continued success.

Visit Imogene's 945douglass store on eBay.

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