Dave Mell
This month's spotlight
Being able to look back a year on Terapeak and see if there are other matching products is incredibly helpful in determining the market value of what I’ve sourced.”
Viva Tubes

Dave Mell, Founder of Viva Tubes


What Others are Saying About Terapeak

Bruce and Dale Majors
We use Category research in Terapeak to find new products. We look at our own niche as well as other categories that are performing well.
Bruce and Dale Majors, Founders
Nadia Shuaib
We use Terapeak to see what is going on in the marketplace and to see what the competition is doing that we aren’t.
Nadia Shuaib, Founder
Budget Electronics
Norb and Marie Novocin
We have a team of four people who use Terapeak continuously to research and to list.
Norb and Marie Novocin, Owners
Estate Auctions, Inc.
Lou Veloso
I started a Terapeak trial and realized that this tool was vital to me and to my business.
Lou Veloso, Owner
Bergen Pickers
Danna Crawford
I couldn’t survive without Terapeak. I rely on Terapeak to determine what I should source, what I should pay, and how I should list my items.
Danna Crawford, Owner
Jethro Marks
We use Terapeak to verify the numbers. Then we ask ourselves what we’ll do that will make us stand out.
Jethro Marks, Co-founder
The Nile
Colleen and Jeff Rast
I sat down and learned to use Terapeak. That’s when I realized that it was the key to making the right decisions.
Colleen and Jeff Rast, Owners
Great Sky Gifts
Lauralee Lindholm
I don’t list without Terapeak—I want to make sure that I get the most for the items donated to us so I don’t underprice our inventory and lose out on money for our charity.
Lauralee Lindholm, Volunteer CEO
Heart for Ethiopia
Kathleen Manning
I love being able to represent eBay activity in a visual way. The color coded categories in the Heat Map allow me to quickly assess which parts of the marketplace are HOT. I don’t list anything without researching it.
Kathleen Manning, Founder
Leah Moore
Demand in our market is very seasonal, and Terapeak helps us observe large scale changes in sales trends.
Leah Moore, eBay Manager
Joseph Coleman
The benefit to our search visibility has been huge. We've seen a 50% increase in sales since I started updating our keywords using Terapeak recommendations.
Joseph Coleman, Business Director
Speedway Enterprises
Jason Sanchez
With the character limit on eBay titles, you have to be critical about how you use title real estate. We use Terapeak to find high traffic keywords and phrases that drive consumer activity.
Jason Sanchez, Founder
Brennan Agranoff
Using Terapeak, we could see that the top competitor did about $15K per month and their pricing was a little lower than ours, so we adjusted prices. It worked. Demand over the Christmas season exploded.
Brennan Agranoff, Founder
Sidney Isagholian
My experience with Terapeak has been entirely positive. It is very important to me to know my market. Terapeak offers better tools to analyze sales for automotive parts than anything else available to online sellers.
Sidney Isagholian, CEO
Prime Auto Parts and Salvage Inc.
Cheryl Moss
Terapeak webinars are really beneficial to sellers like me. There's so much data available and I've learned how to do some pretty cool stuff with eBay research.
Cheryl Moss, Founder
Simply Trendy Gifts
Paul Connor
I don't know everything about everything—but with Terapeak I can find research on the value of whatever you want to sell.
Paul Connor, Founder
John Gibson
If you are going to run a consignment service, it really helps to show clients pricing data based on real sales like Terapeak when assessing the value of an item.
John Gibson, Founder
Lawrence Bibi
We build a lot more titles from scratch compared to most Amazon sellers. Terapeak solutions like Hot Searches and the Title Builder help us discover great keyword ideas and attract more traffic to our listings.
Lawrence Bibi,
Light Accents
Marcus Allen
Research is really effective in the product selection process—it's like having a crystal ball to see what's going to sell.
Marcus Allen, Founder
Mobo Direct
Jeffrey & Mary Kern
Knowing what collectibles have sold for in the recent past gives retailers like us the inside track. That's why we think Terapeak is an extremely valuable tool-It's really quite fascinating exploring eBay data!
Jeffrey & Mary Kern, Founders
The Collectibles Café
Ed Weber
Terapeak helps me look up just about anything, including very unique or rare items. I can easily find the average price across any group of auctions and gauge bidding activity using product research.
Ed Weber, Founder
Gully Farm Consignment
Tom Stroup
I first encountered Terapeak in 2007. I asked one of the guys at the booth to show me how eBay analytics could benefit my business...and I signed up right then and there. I have been using Terapeak daily ever since.
Tom Stroup, Founder
Valaset Services
David Rapport
I would have to add another full-time employee to replace the contribution that Terapeak makes to my business.
David Rapport, Founder
Nathan Huppatz
We probably use Terapeak a little differently than retailers who only sell on eBay. We have a greater interest in multi-channel sales data.
Nathan Huppatz, Co-founder
Frank Ammirata
Terapeak is such an asset for the small-business owner. I appear well informed to anyone who brings an item in to be consigned–and that makes for a better experience for my customers.
Frank Ammirata , Founder
Mark Whiteside & Steven Mason
Used industrial equipment can be challenging to price effectively. We tried a couple of research solutions and found that Terapeak best fit our needs.
Mark Whiteside & Steven Mason, Founders
eTech Surplus
Glen Scott
When I first decided to sell on eBay I was just cleaning out the basement. The more research I did, the more convinced I was that by using Terapeak, I could create a whole new business.
Glen Scott, Founder
Imogene Armstrong
I teach people how to use eBay and how to sell for the first time. I recommend Terapeak to everyone I train.
Imogene Armstrong, Founder
Bag Lady Auctions
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