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Sell on Amazon? Ready to begin selling on eBay? Expand your business easily and start selling on the world’s most diverse marketplace—with help from Terapeak Research and MySales.

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Target a new universe of eBay shoppers.

eBay serves nearly 170 million active shoppers every month. Your Amazon store got you started and is serving you well, but eBay is the world’s other major marketplace—one you can’t afford to ignore if growth is in your plans.

Benchmark your Amazon inventory and margins.

Use Terapeak Research to see how your existing inventory performs on 22 eBay marketplaces around the world including See sales volume, average prices, effective shipping terms, and overall sales trends for any product—over time periods up to three years long.

Scope out your new competition.

Measure eBay competition levels for products like yours. Find out how much the top sellers are selling, at what prices, and with what average shipping costs. As you grow, aspire to climb into the top sellers list yourself—and celebrate when it happens!

Find additional product opportunities in your niche.

Find additional products in your niche that sell well and are trending upward in volume or price. Analyze international sales potential and margins, both for new items and for items that you already sell.

Easily monitor your growth and performance.

As you expand, link all of your Amazon, eBay, and Shopify seller accounts to MySales and track your growth in a single, interactive dashboard. See your best products and categories, compare the performance of each listing and marketplace, and identify trouble spots.

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Kathleen Manning
“I love being able to represent eBay activity in a visual way. I don't list anything without researching it.”
Kathleen Manning, BeachBoundHawaii

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