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In-Depth Terapeak Training at the 2013 PeSA Internet Conference

  Note: As a special promotion running only through April 30th, Terapeak users can use the special promotional code terp1375 to register for $450.00 rather than the published $525.00 fee, so register today! Looking for Terapeak help focused on practicality—the how online selling rather than the theory of online selling? For those interested in learning and training, the touchstone of staying competitive in the evolving ecommerce landscape, and the PeSA...
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Posted on April 26, 2013 in News and Updates,Terapeak/eBay Events

Terapeak Trends: Depreciation of Camera Bodies (Part Two)

Yesterday, we looked at how to retrieve trend information from Terapeak’s flagship market research application, for 4 of the current Canon EOS DSLR cameras: Canon 1D X (MSPR: $6,799.00) Canon 5D Mk III (MSRP: $3,499.00) Canon 6D (MSRP: $2,099.00) Canon 650D (MSRP: $849.99) Our goal is to use Terapeak for eBay market data, to determine just how quickly a new camera depreciates in value. The sample set is pulled using the keyword string "canon 650d body -kit...
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Posted on March 21, 2013 in eBay Selling Tips,eBay/ecommerce News,Hot Products/Trends,New Tools & Tricks,Terapeak Trends,Terapeak/eBay Events

Webinar: "Why do you need an eBay Store?" Starring Kat Simpson

It's time for another webinar, and this one's going to be fabulous! New to eBay? Not sure whether you need an eBay store? Not sure how to create one, or even where to start? If these questions resonate with you, come join our special guest, Kat Simpson, for a 45 minute webinar presentation about eBay Stores. What You'll Learn: How an eBay store can improve your brand awareness and increase sales The top five most important benefits to having an eBay store...
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Posted on February 25, 2013 in Archive,eBay Selling Tips,Featured,Terapeak Tips & Tutorials,Terapeak/eBay Events

Free Webinar: Globalize Your Sales—International Strategies for Growing your Business

Have you recently signed up for our International package? Are you looking to discover new markets? Join Matt and Chrissy for a one hour webinar presentation and learn how to: Locate demand hotspots for your products around the world Turn off-season inventory into opportunities for other markets Go global with your business in 2013 Interested in attending? Sign up for our 11-12 pm PST webinar Sign up for our 5-6 pm PST webinar Attending from another time zone?...
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Posted on January 22, 2013 in Archive,eBay/ecommerce News,Terapeak News,Terapeak Tips & Tutorials,Terapeak/eBay Events,Terapeakers

Win a Furby and a 1 year subscription to Terapeak

Furbys are sold out in stores and are sold on eBay for a premium. And that is exactly why we are going to give 2 of  them away along with a 1 year subscription to Terapeak. If you already have a Terapeak subscription we will add a year to your account when you are set to renew. As for the Furbys, you can use them a Christmas gift, sell it on eBay or even play with it yourself. We have 2 colors of Furby, one of them is the highly sought after Plum and the other equally as...
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Posted on December 05, 2012 in Archive,Terapeak News,Terapeak/eBay Events

Picture update from eBay on Location Philadelphia

Check out our booth in Philadelphia Downtown Marriott. If you're in the neighbourhood attending the eBay OnLocation event, come by and grab one of our swanky pens with a measuring tape at the end- they come in handy when you're shipping! According to Denise, the eBay Mobile booth is a lot of fun! Here is a picture of  “Griff” taking the stage.  “Griff” is a crowd favourite at these events,  and is well regarded as eBay’s first customer...
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Posted on September 06, 2012 in Archive,eBay/ecommerce News,Terapeak News,Terapeak/eBay Events

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Free Webinar: Globalize Your Sales—International Strategies for Growing your Business
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Win a Furby and a 1 year subscription to Terapeak
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Picture update from eBay on Location Philadelphia
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EBay on Location Philadelphia
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