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Terapeak Trends: Laptops, Lightsabers, Ladders Trending as 2014 Gives Way to 2015

With the holiday shopping season now in the rear view mirror and a new selling year beginning, we decided to take a look at the Terapeak "Hot Research" tool to see which categories were trending in interesting ways during final days of 2014. Have a good source for lightsabers? This could be a growth year for you. (Image: eBay)   We sorted the trending category list by success rate—categories with the highest percentages of listings resulting in sales. Then we...
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Posted on January 02, 2015 in eBay Selling Tips,Terapeak Trends

Terapeak Trends: Depreciation of Camera Bodies (Part Two)

Yesterday, we looked at how to retrieve trend information from Terapeak’s flagship market research application, for 4 of the current Canon EOS DSLR cameras: Canon 1D X (MSPR: $6,799.00) Canon 5D Mk III (MSRP: $3,499.00) Canon 6D (MSRP: $2,099.00) Canon 650D (MSRP: $849.99) Our goal is to use Terapeak for eBay market data, to determine just how quickly a new camera depreciates in value. The sample set is pulled using the keyword string "canon 650d body -kit...
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Posted on March 21, 2013 in eBay Selling Tips,eBay/ecommerce News,Hot Products/Trends,New Tools & Tricks,Terapeak Trends,Terapeak/eBay Events

Webinar: "Why do you need an eBay Store?" Starring Kat Simpson

It's time for another webinar, and this one's going to be fabulous! New to eBay? Not sure whether you need an eBay store? Not sure how to create one, or even where to start? If these questions resonate with you, come join our special guest, Kat Simpson, for a 45 minute webinar presentation about eBay Stores. What You'll Learn: How an eBay store can improve your brand awareness and increase sales The top five most important benefits to having an eBay store...
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Posted on February 25, 2013 in Archive,eBay Selling Tips,Featured,Terapeak Tips & Tutorials,Terapeak/eBay Events

Terapeak Holiday Tips Vol. IV

Terapeak Holiday Tips with Amanda O'Brien Only 26 days left until Christmas, it is just around the corner and the rush to buy online has already begun! Today we have a special guest from the UK - Amanda O'Brien. Amanda was working a 9-5 job that she was not enjoying, so left the job and took up her husband's suggestion of selling on eBay. She started as a complete novice and long story short with some hard work mixed in became a successful seller on eBay and...
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Posted on November 28, 2012 in Archive,eBay Selling Tips,Terapeak News,Terapeak Tips & Tutorials,Terapeakers

Terapeak Holiday Tips Vol. 3

Terapeak Holiday Tips with Mark from BubbleFast Here it is, the third edition of Terapeak's Holiday Tips! Join Mark Le Vine in a quick overview of products that Bubblefast offers to help streamline your business over the holiday season and beyond. Learn about green packing options, innovation spawned from the seller community, and more! ...
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Posted on November 22, 2012 in Archive,eBay Selling Tips,Terapeak News,Terapeak Tips & Tutorials

Terapeak Holiday Tips Vol.2 And we are back with Terapeak Holiday Tips Volume II. Stay tuned for the next editions to come! Today we have the queen of auctions Lynn Dralle. Lynn is an eBay consultant, author and teacher. For 12 years she has made a living buying and selling on eBay. She is a third-generation antiques dealer. Watch the video, enjoy and check out Lynn’s website! ...
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Posted on November 21, 2012 in Archive,eBay Selling Tips,Hot Products/Trends,Terapeak Tips & Tutorials,Terapeakers

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