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Garage Sale Madness: A Super Way to Source in the Summer!

By Terapeak  on June 20, 2011

Tomorrow is the first day of Summer. Many people look forward to the summer for the long evenings, the clement weather or the long vacations.


However, all good eBayers know that the best thing about summer has nothing to do with lazing around in the backyard with a glass of sangria, and everything to do with getting up early and finding some awesome bargains. Summer means garage sales, and lots of them!!


The Terapeak offices are based in Victoria, BC. Victoria is garage sale crazy - so much so that a couple of weeks ago a whole municipality (Oak Bay) came out for a neighbourhood-wide garage sale which offered bargain hunters a number of awesome goodies to choose from - including furniture, books, bikes, electronics and more. I went looking for a coffee table, and although I didn't come back with one, it got me to thinking what a great place garage sales are to a) find bargains and then b) sell them on eBay. But how do you make your Saturday morning rummaging profitable?


The early bird catches the worm If you're not really huge on getting up early, then sourcing at garage sales may not be for you. Many sales start at 9am, and the most tenacious garage sale regulars know that you want to be there the minute that things start selling, or just before, if possible. The best stuff always goes early. So the earlier you get there, the better the chance that you'll walk away with a bargain. It's also worth scouring classified listings, or garage sale listing websites, as these will tell you where are when sales are taking place, so you can plan out your entire morning AND get to the most sales you can in one day.


Haggle for the best price If you're looking for quality items to resell, you need to make sure you get them for the best price to secure yourself the best possible profit margin. Remember, these people are probably your neighbours, so be careful when low-balling them - otherwise the bargain that you get may be at the expense of friendships, and no bargain is worth that.


Conversely, anyone who's having a garage sale expects a little haggling, so remember, be respectful and polite, but do try and get the best deal you can.


Know what you're looking for A while ago we mentioned this story where an eagle-eyed eBayer picked up a vintage Nintendo game for a song. Most people would have seen that game, and glazed over it. Make sure when you go to a garage sale, you're prepared, have done your research, and know what you're looking for.

  If you don't have time to do that research, there is an easier way to do it: Take Terapeak with you. Our iPhone App - free to all Advantage users - is the best way to save time and do research on the go. So if you see a small hummel figurine on sale for $5, you can easily search for it on your Terapeak app, and see that the average sale price is around $50, making that $5 an absolute bargain. 

So next time you're rummaging around at a neighbourhood garage sale - make sure you have your wits about you, and your iphone with you too. Because one person's trash is another person's treasure, and who knows? You might find the bargain of your life - just outside your front door!


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